When you need to get a recruiter's attention and win their trust, the NVC has the answer

Apply for the NVC here >When faced with a multitude of CVs, recruiters will be looking for ways in which they can differentiate one candidate from another.

The NVC offers you the chance to raise your profile and stand out from the crowd of other CVs because by proving your employment history, your qualifications, and your right to work - to a recruiter - you are demonstrating your integrity and they will see that difference, gain confidence from it, and find your CV more attractive.

Compared to non-vetted candidates, if you have an NVC, a recruiter will find you:

  • More attractive for any position requiring a high degree of trust and integrity;
  • More attractive for positions where you would be handling sensitive, business critical data or managing information security;
  • More attractive for positions where you would be handling customers' personal details e.g. their debit or credit card data;
  • More attractive to employ because it will save them the time and cost of having to carry out those background checks;

How to prove the details on your CV are accurate and true

Recruiters will notice any discrepancies or errors on your CV and maybe even doubt you because of it. If that happens, you may not even make it to interview. Why limit your chances? With an NVC you will be showing a recruiter that the details you have provided are accurate and true because the checks we carry out verify the information you have provided.

We do this in a number of ways, for example, by writing to your university and asking them to provide us with written confirmation that your qualifications are valid, and that you attended the course you stated on your CV. This independent proof enables you to demonstrate to a recruiter that you are trustworthy and reliable. Read more on the Guardian's forum... >

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Speak to an advisor:

Our advisors are ready to guide you through the application process and answer your questions.

NVC hotline: 08450 217 634

If you would like to email us instead please write to: info@thenvc.co.uk

Our office hours are from 9 - 5.30 Monday to Friday.

How the NVC benefits you

With an NVC a recruiter will find you:

You will seriously improve the quality of your CV because:

Who is the NVC for?

The NVC is ideal for anyone working (or wanting to work) in a position where they would:

What checks does the NVC involve?

(*A non-credit application search, not a credit rating check.)

N.B. If you are looking for CRB checks please visit staffvetting.com >