About the National Vetting Certificate

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The NVC enables an applicant to prove their integrity and demonstrate their honesty because the checks we carry out are in accordance with British Standard 7858. Those checks verify the applicant's identity and other details such as previous employment references and criminal record. Having an NVC enables an applicant to apply for positions requiring them to prove their identity prior to application.

Additionally, applicants with an NVC BS7858 will be much more attractive to an employer because they will be seen to have been proactive and to have prepared themselves for a role of responsibility within an organisation.

The NVC solves an important problem for employers: it enables them to independently verify an applicant's NVC prior to making an offer of employment, which allows them to make a more informed decision about an applicant's suitability for a role within their organisation.

Applicants with a valid NVC BS 7858 represent a safer investment for the employer because the vetting has already been carried out for them. The usual alternative is to simply trust the applicant is who they claim to be, employ them, and then carry out the vetting. The NVC negates the need to rely on that implied trust and therefore significantly reduces the risks for the employer in terms of cost, time, effort and security.

The NVC offers financial benefits too: any applicant with an NVC may well have saved an employer the cost, time and effort of having to carry out those checks themselves; the NVC can be trusted and relied upon because it meets BS7858, is UKAS accredited and supported and issued by IPSA (the International Professional Security Association).

staffvetting.com: our background and experience

Our staff are some of the most experienced in the security industry, with backgrounds in both the private and government sectors (including Special Branch). And, as you would expect from a company carrying out vetting checks and security screening, all our staff have been vetted to BS7858 - the British Standard for vetting - so no matter what kind of certificate you apply for, or background checks you need as an employer, they will be carried out with professionalism and integrity.

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